Packing List

Ok, two days at grandma and grandpa’s – time to start loading the Beast! (that’s our new family car in case you didn’t know..). Travelling light..

– 3 night nappies, 3 sleep suits, don’t need sleeping bags as sheets and blankets on her bed there
– 5 day outfits and vests and tights
– 15 nappies (ish), wipes, spray, wet bags and changing bag
– muslins and terries to lie on
– bath stuff is already there, toothbrush, toothpaste
– coat, blanket, hat and gloves
– bag of toys and playing mat
– bibs, spoons, bowls – time to try out the new highchair (let’s hope the fridge is full of goodies for Rosie to try..)
– sling or two, buggy lives in the car

Also, swimming bag for her lesson before we go, some clothes for me, my tablet, walking boots and a huge pile of egg boxes which is the obligatory gift to get you through the door there (to return replenished).

I’ll save the picture until I’ve actually amassed some of this jumble together!

What have I forgotten?

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