Cooking… Food… Yummy

Yesterday we spent time cooking, eating and thinking about food.  It was great!


  1. Firstly we made scones. (technically Rosie had breakfast and watched me make scones).  They were so easy, I have no idea why I haven’t made them before, or at least since school.  As I didn’t take a picture (no time, must eat them warm), I’ll post the recipe and picture from the BBC food site.  It goes: 8oz self raising flour, pinch of salt2oz butter1oz caster sugar150ml milk1 egg to wash the tops.  Mix flour, salt and butter. Add sugar and mix.  Add milk and mix.  Stir in currants, roll out and cut shapes about 2 inches thick.  Cook for about 10-15 minutes on 220deg. You can see the full recipe here – the BBC doesn’t get muddled with metric and imperial! We served them with strawberry jam, and extra thick double cream (which you can buy in the local Coop at 9pm – winner!).  They were a success for all – Rosie had a full half, 2 year old Elsie had a whole one.  Phil polished the remainder off at lunchtime.
  2. Then we planned what we are cooking for friends on Saturday night.  A Jamie Oliver recipe with chicken legs and a tomato and basil sauce; jacket potatoes, and something for pudding…not sure what.
  3. And while I was scanning the book – Jamie’s Dinners – I came across supper:  Prawns, mangetouts, peas and butter beans.  Fry it up, with a can of tomato and some chilli and serve with couscous.  It was delicious, nutritious, and took about 10 minutes once Rosie was in bed. Oh and all the ingredients were in Aldi round the corner, which is my new favourite shopping experience.
  4. The other mission for the day was to see if we could fill Rosie up.  She always eats what we give her, so I have started wondering whether she needs more food.  So yesterday she had her first day of three meals and this is what she ate:  In the style of the hungry caterpillar ..  One whole weetabix instead of a half served with defrosted breastmilk and a plum, then half a scone, a banana, some nectarine, and then avocado and an omelette for supper.  To be honest she hardly ate any of her supper.  I think it is because Phil made and served it… or else perhaps because she seems unwell, we had to give her calpol last night for the second time ever, and she is coughing away upstairs now.  Poor dab.
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