What to do Wednesdays

I love our time at home, I love not being at work, and I love waking up every morning with the ability to choose how I’m going to spend my days. Every day I’m grateful I don’t have to rush to work; and every night I’m grateful for my time with my family and what Rosie has achieved.

And by Wednesday we have always done a lot. Tuesdays are busy days where we go swimming and then meet up with Nct friends. Swimming was great yesterday – Rosie achieved her first little ducklings badge. She had to swim for a toy and jump off the side all the way underwater. She had a bit of help from me but she is brilliant at swimming now and always shuts her eyes ready for the underwater bit as soon as she is sitting on the side. I’m so pleased I started taking her as she is so excited as soon as we get to the pool every week. I must remember that we can swim all week for free as part of our membership – it would even be a good Rosie / daddy event.

Nct follows swimming and we always have a great afternoon chattering and giggling and someone’s house; watching the babies play, eat and interact. Tuesday night always has a big sleep!

But then we wake up Wednesday and the day is just ours; Phil works at home Thursday and Friday usually which puts some shape around the day, but today we have about 9 hours of just us. So what’s on the list today? We need to take out about half that time for eating and sleeping, and put aside some time for reading and playing with toys. I think today might be the day we try out a playgroup just around the corner. It’s at 1pm so a perfect time between aforementioned eats and sleeps, and it’s literally 500yds away, so if it’s good, it will be good! I’ll let you know!

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2 Responses to What to do Wednesdays

  1. I love this post. I had a hard day with mine today and it came to situation that I put them to bed early because I just needed them away from me (if that makes sense without me sounding like the most evil Mummy ever). Anyway, having read this has made me excited about them waking tomorrow and it being a new and better day.

    Keep writing as I love reading this

  2. Glad to be of service!!

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