Telly for babies?

Mumsnet blogger’s network has asked our views on telly watching for babies. There seems to be two distinct standpoints on this subject, rounded off by a consensus of everything in moderation.

The two standpoints are both broadly on one side of the fence – the “no telly for my child do you think I’m a lazy consumerist parent?” side and the “gives me a chance to have a shower/feed my newborn/drink tea slightly defensive parent”. Both standpoints reflect the notion that telly is inherently a BAD IDEA.

But every now and then someone pipes up that their child is a better talker or knows their numbers, colours or suchlike because they do get to see some child’s programming. And it makes you wonder.. And then I get to thinking that a more informed viewpoint might be a good idea.

So maybe I will actually delve into the world of children’s tv at some point soon (not quite yet you know, baby steps..) and see what I can find. But where do I start? Please help!

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2 Responses to Telly for babies?

  1. Mind if I be controversial? I think if there was ACTUALLY any real proof that children learnt anything from TV (as a teacher) our schools would be run veeeeery differently. I LOATHE to use supernanny as an example but did you ever see that one where they had parents read book to their child every night and then other children had the book read on audio book? Basically they put some made up words in the book and only the children who had had the book read by a parent knew what the words meant! I just don't think anything will ever compare to human interaction where learning is concerned… Having said all that we live in a modern era… I don't want to make the tv the antichrist in my house… I don't know… I'm still figuring it out too 😉 Look forward to reading more xxx

  2. Very wise as ever charlie. I guess the everything in moderation mantra works here too. We haven't taken the plunge yet..

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