It’s Our Anniversary. And I’m surprised!!

Well, to be honest, its not quite our anniversary, that day is actually tomorrow, but as I busily filled up my week, my husband eyed the calendar despairingly as he tried to shoehorn some secret plans in.  NCT girls coming round tomorrow, so risotto making in the offing;  toddlers on Thursday and baby cinema and sling meet on Friday.  He can’t do Wednesday, so today it has to be.  And thought he’d succeeded until 7pm last night, when I arranged for a friend to come over with her new baby…

The number 11 busSo he came to me, hands wringing, worried look on his face (which makes me think I’ve done something very very bad) and spilled.  Day booked off.  And an outing planned.  Something I’ve been wanting to do since I moved to Birmingham in 2008.  Something we have tried to do a number of times but never quite got to, through illness or last minute new plans.  But today is the day.  We are getting changed and wrapped up ready.

We are going on the number 11 bus – all around the city and back home.  

Must dash. Bus to catch!

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