Slings Slings… Glorious Slings..

And while I’m chattering, I thought I might write a bit about slings as I went to a slingmeet today. Before I even explain anything, I am too excited about this to leave it til later: I wowed someone with my bra!!  Not often you get to say that once 30 and married!  One lady had the exact same bra as me on; although it wasn’t the exact same as hers didn’t have nursing clips.  And another was impressed by my handiwork.  Yay to the sewing box.

So I am really talking about slings of course.  Before Rosie was born we did our research and learnt that high street carriers are not good for babies nor for mamas.  They hurt the wearer’s back and the babies hips.  But in an expanding corner of the world, is a land of wonder for those who want the convenience and closeness of carrying a baby.

We bought a moby sling first; RED is my favourite colour, and we LOVE it.  Phil spent hours snugging Rosie  in this when she was little, while I slept and he played computer games.  It reckons it can be used up to 35lb, she is currently 17 and going strong.  We went to London the other day, with her wrapped in and just a rucksack with toys, snacks and nappies.  Easy peasy for the tube and she loved it too!

Next we bought the Ergo.  The beauty of this is that it is quick to put on as it fastens with buckle clips, but can be used for front and back carries.  Back carries are wonderfully comfortable, and it feels like a small rucksack on my back – but much warmer.  At the slingmeet today, which is basically a gathering of those who love slings, I learnt how to put her on my back by myself.  Basically I put her on my front like this picture shows – rather like you’d put a rucksack on your front but without dropping the baby out the middle, then loosen the waist belt and scootch her round to the back – holding the straps up at the top so she doesn’t drop out.  Sounds hard; is actually quite easy.  Amazing.  I won’t need to ask the man at the swimming pool to help me out next week now.

So, what I also learnt at the slingmeet today was how to wrap on my back.  Now I can’t wrap with the moby as it is a stretchy wrap, and Rosie wouldn’t be safe, as she could stretch out backwards and topple.  For this we need a woven wrap, which I think contains linen.  Think of a t-shirt and compare it with a jacket (kinda).  Phil doesn’t seem to be restricting this next purchase, so I am going to go ahead and find my favourite – which might be something like this picture.  We will still need to find the funds however as they are not the cheapest, and I haven’t broken that to him yet….
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