The First Post…


I’ve been too-ing and fro-ing about starting a blog for about a year now; and none more so since I had baby girl Rosie, who we call Button.  This blog will be tied up with my life and new identity as a mother, and much will be in the context of the shift of my focus from career girl to at home mum.  At 6 months into my maternity leave I am faced with the decision of returning to work or remaining at home; and I feel pretty certain that I don’t want to enrol Button into childcare and return to the 9-5… or 8-7.. 

Since I have time and brain-space I’ve become more crafty than I was and I would certainly describe myself as a home maker, and a thrifty one at that.  I plan to add to this blog evidence of my crafty activities; thoughts and feelings about my home life and my beautiful baby (snoozing upstairs.. Well sort of – see pic) and the fruits of my labours if I explore a working in and out of the home lifestyle.

We shall see!

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2 Responses to The First Post…

  1. Coming over from my first post 🙂
    We're very similar with regards to starting crafting since becoming Mummy's
    Good luck with this and I'll be sure to follow
    Pressies by Pebbles x

  2. Thanks Pebbles, I'm officially following you as well now!

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