No year’s resolutions.

Every year I love making new years resolutions, but this year I’m not making any. Frankly life is pretty good these days and there is nor a lot I need to change.

We have 2 wonderful children and I thoroughly enjoy being with them and playing with them. I don’t feel the classic “mummy guilt” that I should do more. I treat them how I’d like to be treated and we have a lot of fun. They also play by themselves so I get stuff done.

Elsewhere, our finances are under control, our house is coming in and I’m getting fitter and losing weight. While still eating bucket loads of cake. Oh, and I love my husband.

Smug, much?
Happy is good.

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Who’s your daddy????

Who’s your daddy Georgie?


Could it be him?


That’s that sorted then.

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And it’s back to nap time. Phew

Georgina’s sleep is dreadful at the moment. It is exhausting. She was doing pretty well for a while and we have had one 12 hour stretch at least. She was in a lovely routine of sleeping from 7pm til 4am ish and then til 6 and then at least 8am – which is Official Wake Up Time chez Reed.
Oh hello 4 month sleep regression. For the last few weeks she has been awake every 2 hours, except for last night when it was every hour. And to top it off the antibiotics she is on for a chest infection have given her a bit of a bottom problem. At 4am I had fed her 4 times and changed a pooey nappy. At 6am, 6 times. Lovely.

That is when I capitulated and brought her into the bed for good. She rewarded me with another poo shortly after which I left to fester for a while as I needed just one or 2 zzzzzzzeds myself.


She is one lucky baby however as Rosie rarely got the chance to snuggle up with us to sleep. We were too scared: both of SIDS and of her never ever sleeping in her own bed.  With Georgie we don’t worry so much about forming bad habits, we just enjoy her, and we are much more confident in keeping her safe.

Our bedsharing rules are: not for the first part of the night when I am most heavily asleep (I wish!!), not when we have had more than a glass of wine with supper (or not in the middle if phil has), and duvet well clear, either under her or away from her. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new big bed as there is plenty of room for us all. Although I wouldn’t have all 4 in as Rosie just sticks her fingers up our noses instead of actually sleeping…

So anyway. I had a small lie in earlier, not exactly a sleep in, and now I’m having my nap time sit down and trying not o drop off as always….

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And time for a good look at Rosie too.


Here she is – covered in pen and posing.

On the potty:

And a wander in the woods with grandma and grandpa:

She is 21 months now and such a happy soul. Full of mischief. She likes:

1. Food. Especially cake. Her first sentence was “I waaan caaake”. With tears on the side.

2. Painting. Sticking. Colouring and getting messy. Most mornings we do an activity at the table after breakfast. The messier the better. Painting her arm is a highlight.

3. Books. I’m delighted that she can sit and listen to a whole story like the gruffalo. Less delighted when she wants it 3 times in a row.

4. Running around. I didnt realise I wasn’t stretching her enough outside until she followed her friends for two hours in the botanic gardens yesterday. She never sits down in the house so I should have realised she didn’t need so much buggy time.

5. Her potty. Spontaneously trained the last couple of weeks. We used the bottom out approach at home, but a couple of outings now haven’t fazed her. Only nappys for sleeps now, but her clothes are ginormous suddenly.

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Now what – you choose..

What do you want to see posts about? Now Ive got started again Ive got masses to say. Not that many people actually will be reading after so long, but I thought someone who happened across this post might give me a steer… That is YOU reader dearest..

So here are options:

– pics of Georgie
– life with 2
– our new house and renovations
– reflecting on last year’s resolutions
– tandem feeding
– potty training
– new foody ideas for 2014 – healthy and nutritious
– Rosie’s words and signs and other development stuff
– or something else…..

What do you think?

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What is Georgie like?

Well, well here I am! And what a long break it has been. It’s Twitter’s fault I’m back. Well sort of. I’ve been toying with it for a few weeks now, for Georgie’s sake. It’s just that twitter seems a good way to share.

Really I just felt sad for Georgie that there is such an ace record of Rosie’s first year and nothing on hers except her baby book and lots of pics. Besides, there must be more to life than candy crush…

So there is going to be a big catch up because frankly, button’s tiny world has got a lot bigger but I’m going to start with this lovely one. Introducing Georgina Martha Abigail:

What she is like:
1. She is very relaxed. Unless she is really going for it. Otherwise she just watches what is going on.
2. She will only feed to sleep in the night, otherwise she will have her milk then into bed by myself please.
3. She stands up in the bath all the time.
4. She loves to be cuddled by her sister and delights in the various offerings supplied. Lucky really.
5. She’s a right windbag.
6. She spends her nights gooing and gahing loudly. Only time she can get a word in I guess.
7. She is much much fairer than her sister although she has dark hair. Her eyes are blue like mine. She can carry off baby pink so I occasionally crack and put her in it.
8. She has only been swimming once so far but LOVED it.
9. She is on the 50th centile for everything, so basically perfect.
10. She is mine, all mine. As everyone gets busy with Rosie I get to give her tonnes of extra hugs and kisses.

What a girl.

More news to follow. And I guess you want to see Rosie now too.

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The house upon the rock stood firm!

Tracking back through recent posts I note that I never blogged about our problems with the new house. It ceased to be our new house a few weeks ago when a survey discovered subsidence. We had to get our vendors to get their insurers out to carry out a full structural inspection and it has taken a bit of time.  We were really gutted as it seemed like the perfect place for us, and as we have since discovers nowhere else seems to have matched up.

We have viewed about 10 more properties. None have been right. We did in fact put an offer in on one which was a nearly but withdrew when we realised it needed lots of work and we couldn’t guarentee wanting to stay there longer than 5-10 years. So we have been pretty disheartened.

Until yesterday.

The structural survey took place and there is no evidence of subsidence. It is settlement. Which means the house shrugging down into its place once it is built. So we are back on! We need to see whether there is an impact on the insurance and ensure the mortgage lender is happy to lend now so we are waiting for the report to send over. There is also a list as long as our arms of things to be investigated although from what we can tell the surveyor was on the somewhat cautious side of cautious. But we might use that to negotiate and see what happens.

In the meantime our buyers are desperate to move in here asap. Finally we have some good news for them and we can consider moving out.  I need to resurrect my lists!

Although I guess nothing is straightforward! ….

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On your flat feet please..

At the grand old age of 13 and a half months, Rosie is heading in the direction of being slow to walk.  At her 13 month check they flagged this up which frankly I think is ridiculous as she is definately not yet behind.  At 18 months I might be starting to think she is behind but not yet.

However I would quite like her to learn to walk; it’s getting harder lifting her and carrying her and if she could put one foot in front of another herself that would take the weight off.  Literally.  We are encouraging her to come down from her tip toes – she understands the request “on your flat feet please!” and drops down accordingly, and other than that we are encouraging her to walk between our legs as much as possible.  She is a really proficient crawler and so gets about brilliantly.

Have you got any tips of other things we should do to help her practice?

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The sweetest thing!

We were downstairs playing with her toys and Rosie rubbed her ears in a maybe tired way. I said “are you tired, do you want to go up and have a sleep in your bed?”

She looked at me and crawled to the door, where she waited for me to open it. She crawled through and up the stairs and into her room and right up to the cot. Looked at me again and I lifted her in. She grabbed rabbit, put her thumb in her mouth and there we are. That was an hour ago.

What a smarty pants!!!

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What is more annoying than going to bed really early because you are so tired you could cry, then waking up in the middle of the night too hot and not comfy and not being able to get back to sleep?

All the things indeed to do are in my head,none of them are urgent, there is time for everything. I’m starting to get uncomfy quite often – I want to lie on my side but it hurts and my back is the only place I’m comfy-ish. And I’m always boiling; but don’t sleep without covers on in case the cat bites my toes (we don’t have a cat, but we did when I was little….).

You can’t even say I’m worrying about moving as currently we are not going anywhere; our house that we want to buy has got subsidence which is being further investigated, but seems like it might rule it out for us. Annoying.

Right; off to aimlessly search the internet to see if it sorts me out to sleep.. Night night..

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